Healthy Hair Therapy For Menopausal Women

Women going through menopause have to endure a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, from hot flushes to recurrent urinary tract infections, but one that many might not know about is hair loss and thinning. 

Thanks to a drop in oestrogen and progesterone, hair growth significantly slows down. 

What’s more, this leads to a rise in androgens, which are male hormones. These shrink hair follicles, resulting in balding. 

Androgens can also cause thick hair to be replaced by much finer strands, which do not provide as much coverage on the scalp. 

Some menopausal medications like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have been linked with hair loss as well, while the other unwanted symptoms of menopause, such as mood changes and weight gain, can be very stressful to deal with. 

This stress can lead to hair falling out, which is why female pattern baldness occurs in 40 per cent of menopausal women. 

That is why it is essential for those who are experiencing menopause to make sure they eat a healthy diet and take the right vitamin drip that supports hair growth and makes their tresses stronger. 

Taking B vitamins, for instance, helps to maintain skin and hair cells, as well as reduces tiredness and increases energy, making it a valuable supplement for menopausal women. 

Zinc also supports female hormones, as well as maintains hair, skin and nails, while magnesium balances electrolytes and encourages protein synthesis. 

Although calcium is best known for being good for teeth, it also supports hair health, and potassium maintains normal muscle function and improves the nervous system, as well as keeping hair looking strong. 

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