Winter and the run up to the festive season can be one of the most demanding times of year 

for our physical health. The colder weather and shorter days mean that we are spending more time indoors and are exposed to bacteria and viruses. 

Our schedules may also be busier and our diets less healthy due to all the extra demands of shopping and socialising that this time of year brings. Therefore we can soon start to feel run down and lacking in energy and motivation, as our bodies are not receiving or absorbing the optimal amounts of nutrients and vitamins. 

This can suppress the immune system and make us more susceptible to picking up coughs and colds, and also make our skin and hair look dull and tired. A popular method of boosting vitality and rejuvenating the body is a Detox Drip treatment. Here’s a look at what it is and how it can benefit you.

Detox Therapy contains a mixture of antioxidants that can help to neutralise toxins in the liver, and also a range of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals. The star ingredient is the antioxidant Glutathione, which is a substance that is produced by the liver and contains the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid.

Glutathione plays a key role in tissue regeneration and in supporting the immune system. It also helps the body to manufacture vital chemicals and proteins that give us energy and keep us well hydrated. It’s often used as a supplement by people who have liver disease, heart disease, and nerve damage due to its detoxifying effects.

The detox therapy also contains a range of B vitamins that contribute to overall health and wellbeing. Vitamin B complex can be found in a range of foods including milk, eggs, cheese, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. However, sometimes we may not be able to absorb enough vitamins through diet alone, especially people who have digestive problems.

Those who take certain medications or who follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diet may also be prone to vitamin deficiencies. B complex vitamins play an important role in maintaining the production and health of cells; sharp mental function and regulation of mood; optimum energy levels; good eyesight; muscle tone; and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin C is a further ingredient in the therapy. This is essential to protect cells and keep them healthy; for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and bones; and for helping wounds to heal. It can be obtained from eating citrus fruits and vegetables such as peppers, broccoli, sprouts and potatoes.

However, vitamin C cannot be stored in the body, so if you have digestive problems or a restricted diet, it can be beneficial to take supplements.

Finally, the Detox Therapy contains glucose. All of these ingredients synergise with the Glutathione and ensure that it has the maximum impact to leave you revitalised and refreshed.