Hay Fever Injection

The arrival of spring is a time of hope and renewal as green shoots emerge, but unfortunately for many people it also brings the onset of the hay fever season. Tree pollen can trigger allergies during March to May, but for the majority of sufferers, grass pollen that is at its height during May and June is the worst culprit.

Many people find that conventional hay fever treatments, such as antihistamine tablets and nasal sprays are ineffective or do not fully relieve their symptoms. The IV Hay Fever injection is a form of allergy immunotherapy that provides lasting relief. It works by introducing small amounts of pollen into the body to help build up immunity.

Most people find that this significantly reduces their symptoms for up to six months, and can have a lasting effect into the future. The therapy is delivered directly to the bloodstream, so it is suitable for people who have gastrointestinal issues and cannot gain much benefit from oral medications. 

The treatment can be administered at a convenient time for you at your home or place of work inside the M25, or alternatively you can drop into one of our London clinics. All of our doctors and nurses are registered with the General Medical Council, so you are assured that you are in safe hands. 


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