As the winter months beckon, the colder weather and increased time indoors can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. The reduced hours of sunlight and lower temperatures can wear down our immune system, and make us more susceptible to picking up viruses and infections.

Most of us spend more time in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation at this time of year, and combined with drier, colder air this makes it easier for airborne viruses to travel. As more of us pick up colds or flu and start to cough and sneeze, more infected particles are present in the air and the more likely it is that we will fall ill.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and boost your immune system during the winter months. Wrapping up warm so that our body is not depleting vital energy just to maintain its core temperature is obviously a good first step. Eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep can also help to keep us fighting fit.

Regularly washing your hands when you are out and about, and avoiding touching your face can help you reduce the chances of catching and spreading viruses. Keeping your immune system strong through vitamin and mineral supplements can also make a huge difference. 

Vitamin C in particular is vital to our bodies at this time of year. One of the best ways to ensure that we are getting enough is through a vitamin drip. This bypasses the hit and miss absorption rates of taking supplements, as the effectiveness can be reduced by the digestive system. An IV drip ensures that the vitamins are supplied directly where they are needed. 

The rapid absorption rates of intravenous injection mean that you immediately feel the benefits of the vitamin boost. These include higher energy levels, better immune cell function, faster wound healing, and healthier skin. The higher concentration and customisable dosages mean that the IV vitamins will be more effective than other methods.

IV vitamin drips are a powerful tool for maintaining optimum health over the winter months, whatever your age, lifestyle, or state of health. If you are putting extra physical demands on your body through an intense training and exercise routine, it is especially important that you have a well-balanced vitamin intake and IV therapy can help to provide this.

Those individuals living with chronic health conditions or who have compromised immune systems can also benefit greatly from an extra boost of intravenous vitamins. 

Even for those of us who enjoy general good health, winter time places extra demands on the body and picking up a cold or other virus from time to time can be inevitable. 

As more unknown variants of Covid-19 emerge, we are facing an uncertain season ahead of us. Therefore vitamin therapy can help to reduce our chances of falling ill and speed up our recovery time if we have already fallen prey to a virus.